Saturday, September 27, 2014

I received a very nice letter of recommendation from a past client!

To Whom it may Concern:

We lost my father unexpected in the spring of 2013.  Which left my mother alone in the house her and my father shared together for over forty years. 

I was concerned about this situation over the long term, as I lived nearly an hour drive away.  With no other family nearby that was going to leave her a little isolated. 

I wanted her move closer to me, so I could be more available to her.  And I wanted it sooner rather than later.  But since my mother has lived on the same block since she was two years-old, she was not eager to move anytime soon. 

Realistically, I thought it would probably be five, maybe even ten years before she might choose to make that sort of move.  However, I thought if I started having her look at houses near me, occasionally, it would encourage her to move forward sooner. 

This is how we met Kathy, in the spring of this year, 2014.  We were "window shopping" and called Kathy to view a house she was listing in my  own neighborhood. 

The house was very nice, but not my mom's style. However, we both found Kathy to be very personable and enjoyed viewing her listing.  We felt at ease with her, and there was a real "click" between her and my mother, in particular.  

I will tell you that I don't remember wether we contacted Kathy again or, she contacted us.  It was such a natural progression of communication that it doesn't stand out to me.  And I can tell you this is the beauty of Kathy's manner and professionalism.

Kathy really knows how to talk, listen, and respond to her customers.  In fact, she never made us feel as if we were her customers.  She made us feel more like good friends, and she didn't want us in just any old house.  Rather she was determined to help us find the house perfectly suited to our wants and needs.  She is very patient and thoughtful that way.

We felt truly cared for and listened to.  And, amazingly, because of her keen abilities to respond so seamlessly to the conversations we had while house hunting, my mother found her perfect home. 

It took less than 5 months, beginning to end --not years!  I was so astounded.  She really knew how to connect with my mother in a way that helped her make one of the biggest lifestyle changes she's made in a very long time.

I will always be grateful to Kathy for helping my mother find the house of her dreams, so close to my own house.  My mother now lives 10 minutes away, and can enjoy her grandkids daily.  Rather than an hour away, with only the occasional visits she got previously. 

We are all very happy with this new change in our life, and I give Kathy so much credit for that change.  We feel very lucky to have connected with her.  She is so personable, knowledgable, and professional!  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a move, she knows her business and is a pleasure to work with! 


Darla Bradford